Set COMET Goals for the New Year and Shoot for the Stars!

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    Ready to set goals that will really work with you so that you're committed to completing them?

    Here’s the framework for putting your goals through the COMET ideas, much the same way you’d use the SMART Method:

    C - Consistency

    O - Ownership

    M - Meaning / Motivation

    E - Effort

    T - Toughness (but not toxic toughness)

    COMET Goals are a step beyond the SMART Method!

    There's nothing wrong with SMART Goals! In fact, I've been using them and teaching them for years. But COMET Goals are a framework I created after seeing the value it brought to my own goals.

    COMET Goals work with SMART goals and as a stand-alone process.

    Nothing replaces conistency and it can't be bought. Consistency is something you have to commit to. If you can do that, you can do the rest! You can take ownership, find meaning in your goals, and the right motivation it takes to make the effort.

    The side effect? You'll either get in touch with your own natural toughness that's arleady present—or you'll become tougher through this process!

    What you get in the COMET Goals ebook

    You'll receive a PDF of ALL my goal-setting blogs about SMART Goals and COMET goals. Use these frameworks to get clear on your goal setting. Set goals you'll accomplish! There's a list of questions at the end you can use to refine your goals. You can use this is a worksheet to help you think through the COMET Goals framework.

    COMET Goals were created by Certified Transformational Life Coach Heather Larson. Learn more at!