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    “I didn’t even realize how much I’d become addicted to my phone until I read this guide. This helped me take back my life and use tech responsibly.”

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    What you get:

    • Actionable steps and tips toward creating better digital habits.
    • Worksheets to help you become more self-aware of your digital habits.
    • Simple ways to look at your digital habits from a new perspective.
    • Find out if you are addicted to your devices and social media.
    • Build healthy habits.
    • Clear the digital clutter so you can save time and live more simply.
    • Stop losing, misplacing, and forgetting things!
    • Focus on what really matters and learn how you can put your phone down.
    • Be the architect of your own digital detox!

    no doubt, we’ve become addicted to our devices.

    But now, it’s time to put them down for a moment and truly LIVE.

    How much time do you spend on your phone, tablet, or laptop? Are you constantly checking social media? Do your kids ask you to spend less time on your phone? Does it interfere with meals? Are you checking texts while you drive?

    There are obvious dangers to being too intertwined with our devices — from distracted driving to digital addiction. But anyone can benefit from a digital detox.

    It’s time to let go — and find peace of mind.